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An emoticon, sometimes called a smiley, is a sequence of printable characters such as :) or ^_^, that is intended to represent a human facial expression and convey an emotion. Use in internet forums and instant-messaging.

:) smile
:( frown
;) wink
:P or :Þ tongue sticking out: joke, sarcasm or disgusting
8) has sunglasses: looking cool
:O surprised
:S confused
:'( shedding a tear
XD laughing, eyes shut (LOL)
XP Tongue out, eyes shut
^_^ smiley
^.^ see above, but rather than a wide, closed mouth, a small mouth is present
^_~ wink
>_< angry, frustrated
=_= bored
-_- annoyed
-_-' or ^_^' or ^_^;; nervousness, sweatdrop or embarrassed.
¬_¬ or <_< "yeah, right...", looking around suspiciously
;_; crying
o_O Confused
O_O Shocked
O_< Flinch, wink, twiching
._. intimidated, sad, ashamed
$_$ Money Eyes; Thinking about Money
x_x Dead or Knocked Out
9_9 Eye Rolling
*_* Star-Struck
t(-_-t) or ,|,,(-_-),,|, Flipping off
=^_^= blushing, or a cat face
u.u duh, sarcastic "what do you think?" face
\m/>_<\m/ Rockin' out

by ÐeadRose November 22, 2005
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Faces made to express emotions using simple keyboard keys. You Azian, You AOL, and you'll see deez alot. You're lucky I don't give a shit, but I'm sure you all are gonna bite off on these...
:) ;) :^) ^_^ *.* ^o^ @_@ :Þ ?_? and the saddest one of all, the Pikachu: (o^_^o) Pika-pi! 9_9
by Joshiro007 February 17, 2003
Emotion Icon
Given the fact that sarcasm, joking, kidding, and light humor can be taken SOOOO the wrong way via internet, IMing, email, and text, people use emoticons to show facial expressions and add dynamic to the conversation.

I'm judging you SO hard right now ;-P (joking)

Ya, you should totally date him >.> (sarcasm)
by EmmyLuWho December 24, 2012
an emoticon representing an emo kid's emotions. For instance:

=:-| Emo Kid Happy
#:-| Emo Girl Happy
=:-| Emo Kid Sad
#:-| Emo Girl Sad
=:-( Emo Kid When He Realizes His Parents Still Hate Him
The only proper way for EmoKid7432 to express his true feelings to his girlfriend EmoGirlWhiteStripes238 when he found out his parents still hated him was with an emo-ticon
by TommyOkktane December 28, 2003
any of a series of characters used by people to represent emotions that cannot easily be easily expressed during the course of a chat session they are engaged in to avoid the necessity of expressing emotion face to face.
He added the emoticon :) to the message so they would understand he was just kidding.
by Lexico Luther May 02, 2012
Like this:
:¬) :¬( (:¬D :¬D :¬P :¬L :¬S
:'( :¬" :¬*
They express emotions using icons. Used in text or online.
Text1: :¬)
Text2: :¬(

Text 1 is HAPPY, Text 2 is SAD.
Those is emoticons
by Cosmogirl/Little Miss Vixen January 22, 2009
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