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Easily described as the combining of the names Gerard Butler and Erik. See, Erik + Gerard = Gerik.

Anyways, it is the name given to Gerard's portrayal of the Phantom and also the one thing that makes a typical Phangirl flock to the poto fandom.

I will, however, admit that Gerik is undoubtedly the sexiest phantom ever.
All the phangirls love Gerik... and I do too.
#poto #phan #phangirl #erik destler #alw
by toee May 16, 2006
Gerard Butler and Erik Destler had a baby.
Many Phangirls love Gerik because they love GB and they love Erik...
I, on the other hand, thought to myself, "What the hell were they thinking? Gerard Butler as Erik!?", until my friend Becca persuaded me to watch the movie.

I almost melted.

I am now a Gerik fan.

#gerik #gerard butler #erik destler #phangirls #batman
by Persephone~ July 14, 2009
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