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A company that's 10 times bigger than Microsoft but gets a free pass from the fanboy American public because they have Squaresoft games and don't railroad American companies. Overcharges for their electronics because of the name regardless of more reliable brands being out there for cheaper.
I listened to my Sony-licensed CD with my Sony-made Discman with Sony-made headphones while playing my Sony Playstation 2 with NFL Gameday 2004 made by Sony-owned 989. Then I played Sony-owned Everquest on my Sony-made Vaio laptop online while listening to Sony-licenced Joan of Arcadia on my Sony television.

Bill Gates could only dream of having that much power.
by Rakshasa December 27, 2003
Also one of the 5 major music corporations which control 90+ percent of American music. Ironic, since Sony is a Japanese company.
The RIAA loves Sony's cock.
by rock fan March 01, 2003
The ultimate downfall of the American economy.
Hey! lets go purchase a new Sony product while we piss on our own country! Screw America!
by Tohdman April 26, 2006
A japanese company actually deriving from the word "sonny" because it's creator wanted it to seem like a hip young company.
You thought it meant something, didn't you?
by Will Hart December 22, 2003
A company who doesn't give the slightest shit about you, whether you detest them or swear allegiance to the Playstation. Ruthless when it comes to business, they'll fuck over and bully as many companies as it takes to make money. Sony fanboys are the easiest to troll, but the hardest to understand; being loyal to a company who cares about nothing but your wallet makes no sense.
Lik-Sang was an excellent site. One day, Lik-Sang started selling Japanese PSPs to European gamers. Sony looked out from its dark castle, and feeling intimidated by this, it proceeded to sue Lik-Sang to oblivion. This, children, is what we call "retarded".
by Mepsipax May 16, 2008
Retarded DRM-monkeys and puppets of the RIAAwho are willing to install spyware-like software unbeknownst to their users regardless of the fact that they are only hurting the people who actually bought their product
After putting a Sony XCP-"protected" CD in your drive hold down shift to disable autorun or else Sony will f*** up your computer with their DRM crap
or just open Regedit and change "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\
CurrentControlSet\ Services\Cdrom\Autorun" to 0
by m4l1c10u5 November 13, 2005
A company who creates a variety of products which tend to easily break.
Billy: Dude, sony's making playstation 3!111!

Bob: I know dude, I already saved up 10,000 bucks to buy 3 of them for back up . . .
by Monkeygrease July 31, 2005
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