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A somewhat humorous andecdote about a girl who lost her virginity to a gay man. It began as a sad true story, and thanks to the lovely Neshaminy student body (and in particular, one giant jew) had turned into rumors and eventually legend. It is called Vee's life story and is bound to be told in locker rooms for years to come.
Once upon a time there was a sad young girl who was convinced by a gay man to let him have sex with her. They never really spoke afterwords, and she always felt like a jackass explaining it to people. Most people feel sorry, unlike others, who think that it is amusing.

That is Vee's life story.
by toee November 11, 2006
A man who is delicious. Smart, funny, and sexy, he is a fine piece of man.

Fine, as in derived from Fine and Fyne.
Also see hunk, sexy man and even sexy man beast
Oh, he is soooo sexy, he is just one fine piece of man.
by toee May 17, 2006
Taken from Somethingawful.com -

The Internet Gadfly is easily mistaken for a troll, but is actually far more pathetic and common than the troll. Whereas a troll is an artificial construct, the Internet Gadfly is desperate to invest himself emotionally in his attempts at disruption. The Internet belongs to him and how DARE you do something of which he does not approve. The Internet Gadfly will often initially seem benign, but he will soon attach himself to the power structure somewhere - on a forum, on IRC or even on Usenet - and then things will go horribly wrong. Internet Gadfly will begin griping constantly and pushing boundaries. He will eventually attempt to foment rebellion and, failing this, retreat to a sort of sub-community that exists solely to harass the community that exiled him. Fortunately, Internet Gadfly will find many outcast comrades to take up the cause with him.
You are such an internet gadfly/
by toee May 23, 2006
acronym for I Don't Know What The Fuck I'm Doing - best used whilst talking to somebody online or text messaging.
hey man, idkwtfid on this webpage...
by toee February 17, 2006
The act of going from one screen to another in a movie theater, evading the ushers, as to either see more than one movie for one ticket or to get into a totally seperate movie than the one you have a ticket for. Most often done by adolescents, or angry vengeful adults (i.e. when the film they want to see sells out).
After the movie ended, we went screen hopping to the screen next door and saw another movie.
by toee January 17, 2007
A humorous (but actually serious) story written about two gay men. It can be found various places online and has somewhat of a legend status.
"He adopted the most adorable submissive pose" qouted from Dear Master.
by Toee September 04, 2006
Dad I'd like to Fuck. Obviously.

He is usually a sensitive man and caring father. Divorced (or sometimes widowed) with his preferably toddler children, young women find their hearts melting. It is the dilf, not the milf, who really gets the affections of the younger generation. Middle aged, but with a great body and warm smile, he never needs to look far for a good lay.
Now that he is divorced from his cheating ex wife, my neighbor is such a dilf. It's so cute the way he shuffles his kids to day care.
by toee May 16, 2006
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