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A person who irritates, an event or behavior that irritates. A custy that calls you a hundred times for a dime.
Niel calls me too much, he is such a chafer.
by Pepper Eaton December 30, 2003
99 11
A chafer: one whose weight is so extreme that the legs grate together or 'chaf'. Usually associated with a gravity affected ass, almost on the floor.
S/he's enormous, what a chafer!
by Hedley Clubnobber August 26, 2006
113 29
One who chafes - grates on you somewhat.
Jarv is a fucking MASSIVE chafer.
by M_O_U_L_D July 03, 2004
93 16
contraction from "cock chafer".

A cock chafer is a male who is bad at recieving anal sex, particularly it hurts the giver. Or a male who masturbates too much thus chafing his member.

This insult is used to describe one who is irritating and grating.
Jimmy is such a cock chafer, he comes round all the time.

da_rude was such a chafer, he always posted the most ridiculous shit.
by Metal Ed May 09, 2004
88 11
An erection in briefs.
Dude I've gotta get boxers, your mom keeps giving me a chafer.
by Sam is a Dick October 28, 2006
8 133