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264 definitions by Max

To have your business (what you do to get what you want) promptly taken care of.
No LAN party this weekend, because I gotta catch up with my schoolwork; I'll call you when I get my shit together.
by Max April 04, 2003
30 11
Jon Lecznar
someone who is extremly gay and likes little boys
Jon Lecznar is called scat master gay
by max December 06, 2004
64 47
A person who acts stupid but is really smart but only when it is needed.
Lets say Bob goes to school and steals some cafeteria food, pretty stupid. But when he takes his Algebra final he makes a 100. This would be a jawmuncher.

This word is commonly used in middle and high school when talking about a friend that does stupid things outside of school but is smart inside of school.
by Max June 16, 2006
36 20
Unpopular original title of Dr. Suess's book Cat in the Hat.
Let's go read Scat with the Cat!
by Max February 25, 2005
22 6
A male of a strange persuasion. A man who spends a great deal of time inspecting, to the point of entering, other men's holes, specifically the bumhole.
Don't bare yer arse in front of that geezer over there, he's a bloody manhole inspector. Poofy git!
by Max December 11, 2003
38 22
Breave Heart
by MAX September 12, 2003
33 17
any person of the negro (aka african) nationality, for use by people such as ian who enjoy saying large words to sound sophisticated
the united states is being overrun by negronians filled with plight
by max March 12, 2005
22 8