264 definitions by Max

a strong stench coming out of someone's behind area
justine has a smelly butt
by max March 23, 2004
To be one that has done something of extreme stupidity
You spilt my baileys you fucking CHISLA
by Max February 09, 2004
the best camp on the face of the earth
22B and 16A 2004!!!!!!!!!!
lohikan is the best camp
by maX March 16, 2005
To have super-rough wierd sex with a girl, in the manner of pornographer extrordinaire, Max Hardcore.
I totally gave that girl the Max Hardcore.
by max December 20, 2004
a self-important little man
Willy Loman
by Max September 08, 2003
In addition to cheap Asian noodles, in many circles the word has come to be a colloquialism any cheap food eaten by those who cannot afford much more.
College is so expensive these days, I'm going to have to spend the next four years eating ramen.
by Max May 25, 2003
Sexual act which may occur after blowing a load into the ass of another individual. Said individual would perform a bazooka joe if he/she slow farted and blew a bubble of jizz into the face of it's original owner.
Sherly bazooka joed me last night when I fell asleep!
by Max February 25, 2005
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