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1. verb; the attempt made by one to vocally replicate the sounds that would normally eminate from a drum set, drum machine or drum loop through a series of noises or popping sounds made with the mouth. 'beatboxing' is used throughout the hip-hop scene, and talented 'beatboxers' can be found in several urban settings.

2. noun; a drum machine.

3. noun; slang for a boombox.
1. me and my friends freestyle rap a lot and i like to beatbox.

2. check out this sweet old school 808 beatbox.

3. yo, b! turn that beatbox down, i'm tryin' to pour one for my homies.
by bud newman. February 28, 2003
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Beatbox is the 5th element of hiphop and is known for its creativity of a person making sounds or beats with their mouth.
want to have a beatbox battle? i will trash you!
by EJL May 14, 2004
To create musical beats with ones mouth and vocal chords. To immitate a drum with ones mouth. To immitate unusual noises within a beat.
Selector got on the mic and busted a beatbox while Gofer busted some fat rhymes
by Selector March 22, 2005
Originaly a drum machine. Used in the Hip-Hop/Rap culture.

Now known as making beats with your mouth.

In 1985 an MC named Doug E. Fresh introduced to the world the first human Beat Box. He did a song called "La Di Da Di" where he made the beat with is mouth and MC Ricky D (later known as Slick Rick) did ryhmes over it. The song became classic and people even tried to beat box as good as him.
There hasn't really been a good beat boxer than Doug E. Fresh, but nowadays theres another beat boxer named Rahzel that likes to copy song with beat box and make them as sound as close as possible. He is very excellent at human beat boxing and human turntablism

There a song called "Flash is on the Beat Box" by Grandmaster Flash which he uses a beat box, meaning a drum machine.
by underground/indierap4ever January 22, 2006
An annoying co-worker who makes dumb sounds or mumbles phrases to themselves. (Known to be even more annoying when they do this while entering your office or when you walk by their desk, in a lame attempt to catch attention). Calling them a beatbox allows you to talk about them in public and makes people think you are discussing american idol.
NP: "If beatbox makes one more sound today I'll flip out!"

HW: "No shit, me too."

Beatbox: (enters convo from eavesdropping, a common trait of a beatbox) "Hey, you guys talking about idol last night? That's the best show ever..."
by 3D February 28, 2007
Any electronic device used to view pornographic material and masturbate (i.e., beat-off), particularly a device, such as a lap top, whose use is limited to viewing pornography and beating-off in order to avoid 1) infecting other devices with porn site viruses; and 2) situations where porn windows are left open or porn is in the search history and guests using a smart phone or household lap top will discover it.
I was working from home and saw my neighbor's hot wife bent over gardening from my office window. Instantly I had a raging titanium boner and was inspired to beat-off. So I put my work lap top away, grabbed my beat box, and commenced a solid 52 minute jerk session.
by B Wilbur Dee August 28, 2015
A smart phone that is primarily used for looking at porn so that one gets aroused enough to whack off. It's a little box that is used to view hot chicks before you can beat your man sausage. Typically the owner of the device refers to it as his cell phone, but his friends routinely borrow it and sneak into the bathroom to spank it.
Hey Balls, what is all of this sticky shit on your beat box? Do you have an unlimited data plan cause I'm about to go gilf searching beeotch.
by Tpas gangsta June 04, 2011
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