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264 definitions by Max

Ideally situated between Heysham Nuclear power station to the south, the faltering Sellafield Nuclear reprocessing plant to the north and The Nuclear Submarine Facility in the town centre. The background radiation gives Barrow a Mediterranean climate.
Residents of Barrow also enjoy 20% unemployment, chronic heroin addiction (dubbed Heroin Capital of the North), extreme violence and the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Europe. Barrow can also proudly claim to have 3 of the its shore lines in Britains top 10 polluted beaches.

So why not try a place with a difference and try Barrow!
"The Seaside town, that they forgot to close down"
by max January 14, 2004
One of the funniest movies ever made. Underestimated by many, a movie brought to life by the superbly over the top acting of Jim Carrey
er...........the mask is fucking top drawer.
by max May 17, 2005
The soft pocket of skin beneath the shoulder that joins the inner part of the arm to the body.
The pretty girl's underarms were soft and smooth, hairless and extremely ticklish to the touch.
by Max March 16, 2004
shoving a potato in someones ass
We held him down and gave him a sputnik in front of the whole cafeteria
by Max April 10, 2003
A phrase used to break up a boring or uncomfortable conversation.

Often used by a third member of a group to disrupt the useless conversation of the others.
"And then blah blah blah blah blah blah"

"Let's talk about airplanes"

by max September 09, 2004
The best comic strip in the world, even better than Calvin and Hobbes.
Get Fuzzy rocks the house.
by Max December 11, 2003
Being as stupid as a shovel.

Also to be so stupid that you would actually consider making sweet love to a garden utensil.
In reference to a misspelling
O iR U: you spelled destroy wrong you fuckshovel"
by Max October 16, 2004