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to be drunk
i wanna get looped tonight...lets PARTAY
by pipi December 26, 2003
66 9
a term used to describe some who is under the influence of PCP/Sherm/Angeldust/Loop/Water/Wetdaddy
Look at Bob over there, that fool is looped up.
by bigtyme62 August 27, 2005
15 18
To flip over a wheelie on a motorcycle.
Jamie just looped a wheelie and is in the hospital!
by Shugga October 13, 2003
14 22
to stick a narcotic up one's anus for a better high. (orgin Robert Tisher aka Bob the Builder 2001)
Man I can't believe Bob just looped those beans, he's gonna roll ball sacks.
by Amber Lynch July 23, 2010
2 15