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264 definitions by Max

a hot gurl in 10th grade at o'hara named megan who sucks on a pen while a horny dude named steve sanislo watchs and jerks off
wow look at steve jerk off to taht pen sucker
by max December 09, 2004
The hottest and bestest chapter in BAR
Spam!!! Homer!!! Scooby Jew!!!!
Ruach aza is the schiznit!
by max October 24, 2004
a strong stench coming out of someone's behind area
justine has a smelly butt
by max March 23, 2004
black long jacket (usually silk) worn on Sabbath or High Holidays by married members of the Lubavitch sect
A black hat, his suit or kapota was spotless...
by Max January 19, 2004
stamina when you are drunk
I'm so tired. My stanima is almost gone.
by Max November 28, 2003
Fear of dropping your phone in the loilet.
DUDE!!! i can go pee while talking on the phone because of my toliaphonaphobia.
by Max August 28, 2006
gangs often have 17 year olds in their crew for the sole purpose of going to prison for older members, as they will usually be tried as juvenilles
"you're 17 dog, you gotta take the charge to be initiated as a vicelord"
by max June 25, 2005