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264 definitions by Max

The hottest and bestest chapter in BAR
Spam!!! Homer!!! Scooby Jew!!!!
Ruach aza is the schiznit!
by max October 24, 2004
16 4
black long jacket (usually silk) worn on Sabbath or High Holidays by married members of the Lubavitch sect
A black hat, his suit or kapota was spotless...
by Max January 19, 2004
48 37
stamina when you are drunk
I'm so tired. My stanima is almost gone.
by Max November 28, 2003
27 16
Fear of dropping your phone in the loilet.
DUDE!!! i can go pee while talking on the phone because of my toliaphonaphobia.
by Max August 28, 2006
17 7
gangs often have 17 year olds in their crew for the sole purpose of going to prison for older members, as they will usually be tried as juvenilles
"you're 17 dog, you gotta take the charge to be initiated as a vicelord"
by max June 25, 2005
16 6
When a guy does a girl doggie-style in front of a window, then at some point he gets a friend to trade places with him. He runs outside and up to the window, knocks on the glass, and yells HOUDINI! while waving to his girl.
I got Rick to help me pull a Window Houdini on Stacy last night.
by Max March 08, 2005
14 4
A pesky hair growing on the shaft of the penis; or a particularly annoying person (usually male).
Ouch, something is pulling on one of my dick whiskers; or
I can't stand hanging around with Ken because he is such a dick whisker.
by Max December 30, 2004
13 3