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264 definitions by Max

the worst fuckin high school in the fucking world its full of fuckin niggers and the teachers are stupid n the food fuckin sux fuck ud it fuckin blowz i aint erva goin bak ya mean
dam taht kid max kleine set UDHS on fire last night
by max December 09, 2004
An act of a sexual nature usually performed after a steller date, involving the male punching the female in the face and proceding to deficate in her face just as she regains consciousness.
i gave her the wettest nightcap ever!
by Max February 22, 2005
it means big shoes
i have small big feet
by max March 23, 2004
1. Over-rated.
2. To get famous with other peoples good music
Totally, Yeah! right Over-rate: "AvB is god!"
by Max May 21, 2003
are shit. Did i mention they were shit, becuase they are.
"what do you think of children of bodom"

by max May 01, 2005