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8 definitions by Harmony

Internet slang for something really hot.
Girl: You were so hawt last night at the show.
Boy: I know
by Harmony April 15, 2005
1419 576
having sex with someone
"Are you hittin' it?" "We're gonna be hittin' it later"
by harmony March 06, 2004
31 4
(suburban/rural slang) To drive recklessly over rough ground in a 4wd vehicle. synonym: 4byin'
damn, looks like the truck's broke. no more braffin!
by Harmony July 18, 2003
12 2
Harmony's bestest friend in the whole wide world
I have fun playing with my reemabhen!
by harmony June 20, 2003
5 3
hunky dory. Feelin fine. Happy as a clam.
Me and my monkey are feeling mighty spanky today.
by Harmony November 21, 2004
44 45
crank, meth, or glass. otha otha otha sometimes also used to refer to crack.
You got some of that otha otha stuff?
by Harmony July 18, 2003
1 4
coke. see also: otha otha
hey man, you got any otha?
by Harmony July 18, 2003
15 35