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The most perfect girl in the universe. Shes funny smart beautiful and the coolest and most amazing girl you'll ever meet. If you are ever lucky enough to date one you should never let her go. The reason being that that they are very rare and one of a kind. Side effects of being near her include uncontrollable happiness a distinct feeling of being unworthy and or undeserving of her company and a disbelief that someone this amazing could even exist.

man 1: dude i'm dating Anita
man 2: you lucky son of a bitch
man 1: damn straight
by lithium666blaze April 23, 2009
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The most amazing, awesomest, funniest, sexiest, beautiful, intelligent, courageous, caring, gorgeous, active girl alive. If you are ever lucky enough to meet an Anita you will be blessed for the rest of your life. Anitas are fun, active, creative, hyper, smart (but don't like to show it all the time), and amazing kissers. Anitas are really great gals.
Dude 1-hey sup oh my god whose that sexii beast
Dude 2-thats anita shes smokin'
Dude 1-shes sexi as hell shes beautiful too
Dude 2-I'm dating her
Dude 1-Lucky bastard
by Coryylito!!!! November 10, 2009
Anita is just plain amazing! She's not so girly but she's natural beauty. She's sweet, funny, cute, and smart. Her smile is undeniable. She can be a beezy at times when you piss her off but other than that, she's a keeper. She's usually shy but then shows herself once you get to know her better. She always doubts herself but this goof is one of a kind and anyone who has her in her life is damn well lucky!
You're lucky to have Anita!

Anita is everything I've ever wanted in a girl!

Anita is so perfect!
by pandasftw July 01, 2011
1)Derives from the Hebrew Hannah meaning "grace" or "graceful." Second most popular feminine Italian name due to its religious origin.

taken from

2)Most amazing person in the whole world. Bright, humble, beautiful, sweet but most of all, just cool. xP
Ani's (aka Anita) sooooooooooooooooooo flipping cool!!!!!
by alee4979 November 27, 2006
She is the worlds best person ever! And she is the most incredible friend ever! No one can compare.
Hey you know Anita? Who doesn't she's amazingly hot and sexie!
by Kat88b December 29, 2013
Beautiful inside and out, amazing, wonderful, crazy smart, hilariously funny, super nice, loyal, trust-worthy, honest, amazing friend. Gives all the time. When you meet an Anita, stay with her and be loyal to her and I promise you she'll be loyal back. Anita's may be shy at first but she just wants you to go up to her. So go up to her and say hi and keep the conversation going. Thats the main thing and Anita's dont like guys who are mean and think of themselves and pretend to be mean. Say what you feel and be nice. Anita's dont like girls who control you and who are weird. But be yourself and go up to her! Im sure she'll like you back. Its almost Valentines Day so send her an anonymous rose! Then reveal yourself after. Anita's arent the kind of person who thinks shes cool. She is the kind of person who thinks shes a dork. And likes to be foolish and funny and just relax. If you go to a school that has an Anita in it then give it a chance and meet her. She is the kind of person who doesnt care what people think of her and she'll be impressed if you go up to her and say "Hey I've seen you around here, where are you from? :)" You never know, you might thank me after this.
Talk to Anita! She'll think your confident and Anita's like that. :)
by kittycoolkatlol666419 February 10, 2010
An Anita is a girl with super human beauty. She has a beautiful body, and she writes, but not only that she has a cute personality. and she plays the drums. People always want to be her friend and she knows how to get ahead in life which makes her inspirational to most. Sitting with her makes you feel so alive, so lucky so in love. She'll ignore or down play her attractiveness to keep herself less busy.
That Anita, what a cutie.
by MOka&Vivi June 22, 2011
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