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full of pride. not to be confused with proud. prideful is negative. whereas proud can be a good thing. prideful is in fact a real word and its first known use is from the 15th century. Although in the 15th century it was synonymous to noble. the meaning has evolved. In what ever way people chose to use this word, the fact remains that it is as word.
Prideful people assume they know what words do not exist in the English language without first checking any sources.
by fivefacegemini April 27, 2012
A made-up word that some Americans say when they really mean proud. Not just rednecks either, I've heard it in countless TV shows
Hey Jack, stop being so prideful about your favourite baseball team and get me another hamburger.
by Englandford Britishmire April 26, 2010
a word that is supposed to mean full of pride, but in reality just a made up word by some dum bum :p
i am very prideful
by ^^ June 20, 2003

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