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A reserved and quirky girl with a lot of positive energy. She is beautiful and others are often jealous of the attention she receives without really trying. She is considered one of the main people you need to have a great time.
If we're going out tonight make sure you bring Aniya!

That Aniya is a pretty cool chick!
by trulyfoxy February 19, 2012
Very physically attractive, cool, down to earth girl who is known for getting attention. She enjoys the company of people like herself and makes friends easily. She also gets sideline haters from the attention she receives but never pays them any attention.
Shorty over there with the phatty is definitely an Aniya.

I'm pulling an Aniya tonight, a dime or higher!
by trulyfoxy February 19, 2012
A girl who does the skippy stare and holds an icecream upside down. Funny as hell and nice tits. Oh and she's a unicorm
Guy #1= Hey you see that chick?
Guy#2= Which one?

Guy#1= The one with the nice rack and horn
Guy#2= Oh yeah, thats a aniya.
by P.S.Your.A.DUmb.Ass August 11, 2011

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