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In satisfactory condition; very good; all right.
Also the title of David Bowie's 1971 album, which contained classic Bowie songs such as "Changes", "Life on Mars?" and "Andy Warhol".
I checked the situation; everything is hunky dory, we have nothing to worry about.
by AZ August 27, 2003
Everything in perfect order; perfectly all right
I was late but when i reached there everything was hunky dory.
by Pankaj February 23, 2005
Just fine; good; OK; well.
"How are things?"
by gusto2 April 28, 2006
a man who refuses to listen to any political concpets besides his own liberal views. Frequently works on yearbook or newspaper staffs.
Man, that Joe Trotter over in Food section is a real Hunkydory.
by Sandy Flatts March 30, 2007
a feeling of contentment and glee when we see a message posted by magda.
i'm just hunky dory now that magda is back.
by dsammy April 05, 2005