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the tight panties worn under the cheerleading outfit.
Are you ready yet?
Wait a minute! I just have to get my spankies on!!
by Daisy May 27, 2005
189 52
Term of endearment referring to a male's masturbatory habits.
Hey, Spanky. You think you can drop that lotion long enough to hit the clubs tonight?
by mymindisglowing June 01, 2003
187 107
The spandex shorts worn by female volleyball players.
Oooo you guys wear those spankies, eh?
by Devon!! September 18, 2005
116 43
Really tight and short shorts, such as spandex and bike shorts.
I'm wearing my spankies!
by DrumNerd April 22, 2003
75 33
Spandex shorts or briefs usually worn over top of underwear. They are used in many female sports, but the most popular is cheerleading.
Jenna wore dark colored spankies under her cheerleading uniform.
by SarahR06 October 26, 2006
60 23
When you just want to slap a girls ass because it appears so perfect.
That girl has a spanky ass.
by Noah Webster January 27, 2005
115 86
Underware or the briefs worn under a cheerleading or pon pom uniform.
"Wait dont come in yet, I only have my spankies on!"
by frog4lunch November 06, 2003
59 33