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46 definitions by Gaz

To throw vegetables at strangers
'Bill you just onionised the local MP dude!'
by Gaz April 07, 2005
Its what happens when u get excited over a girl, or boy (For any girl, gay or bi person)
Woah shes hot! (*SQUIRT* - Sex wee comes out)
by Gaz December 13, 2003
phat or propa good... boom ting
"dat song iz propa bumalaranting"
"dat skirt u wearin iz ra bumalaranting!"
by gaz March 07, 2005
A daft phrase used by Riaz in order to communicate when something has been understood.
ME "Hey Riaz, I heard you shoved a carrot up yo' ass"
RIAZ "Er, yeah"
ME "I got a pic of you doing it"
RIAZ "Oh, seen"
by Gaz March 02, 2004
Very ugly woman who looks like Anne Widecombe would look if her face had been set alight and the flames put out with a shovel
I must have been pissed last night i ended up with a real hipocrocapig
by Gaz September 03, 2003
Germanic tribe that invaded provinces of the crumbling Roman Empire. Influenced much architecture around Europe, as well as clothing, such as monks' robes, undertakers' dress etc. Now a tag given to followers of alternative music such as Dimmu Borgir and Opeth, or sometimes to the fools that like Limp Bizkit and Good Charlotte. In St Helens, often called "greggors", "geggers", "goffers" or "smelly, sweaty goffs". Usually intelligent, creative people, who are prepared to work for their future, are not scared to stand out, and do not have sex with their mothers.
"Look at that gothic architecture."
"Eugh! Goffs?!? Where? Fuckin' smelly Goff!"
by Gaz September 14, 2003
An unknown, when pandoras box was open evilmarq escaped, it is the unknown 8th plague.
<evilmarq> you've an awful disease, and will die tomorrow?
by Gaz July 04, 2003