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Someone who's in the know about the GLC. (Goldie Lookin Chain)
"Nice one clart!"
by parsonist August 07, 2003
243 148
Taken from West Indian patois 'blood clot'. Blad was on the streets for years but a mate in Newport is now refered to as a clart thanks to the GLC.
Alright clart? Are yous safe or what?
by One Step August 07, 2003
177 94
greeting, piss take, or even insult!

not just used in Da port, but in Cardiff also!
woss appnin CLART! (Greeting)
Nice one clart! (Piss take)
You FUCKIN CLART!! (Insult)
by chuckla August 13, 2003
145 93
Sticky mud full of horse-muck. Tyneside
"Aa,m aall clarty!, man" = I'm covered in shit!
by James August 01, 2004
61 20
somebody who knows about the Goldie Lookin Chain (a Newport rap posse)
alright clart, what are you smoking?
by Jonny Weldon March 03, 2004
89 80
A Northern Irish word which describes an oafish, unfashionable and untidy person who is also clumsy.
She's a big clart.
She's was very clarty looking.
by robotmonster August 01, 2006
64 62
used the same as "shit" or "crap"
there's horse clart everywhere!
by CupcakeDemon July 01, 2011
25 24