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46 definitions by gaz

bushy vagina
man shes got a fuckin' bearded clam
by gaz April 04, 2003
Inhabitant of the city of Manchester.
Any houmourless twat with a dodgy weave and inabilty to say words such as; paper, tenner or anything ending with ER.
by Gaz January 12, 2005
slang (Liverpool UK)
a silly person, a fool a gimp, an arsehole.
Alex Ferguson is a total fucking beaut
by Gaz August 28, 2003
A way of writing skater boy mostly used by a chav who has decided it would be cool to "skateboard" and be different to ther friends (I know its rare) to get some laughs.

They are generally wankers.
Q: sup bruv I is well a sk8r boi ay I?
A: no, you are a cunt now fuck off and get a job.
by Gaz April 18, 2005
A Cunt of a bran variety
by Gaz September 24, 2003
stands for The Hatred u Give Little Infants f*~k everyone
doesn't need 1 its a direct quote
by Gaz February 11, 2005
COH = City Of Heroes

A Comic book style MMORPG
God,SWG is so buggy and shit, i hate it. Im going to go play COH!!!!
by Gaz June 18, 2004