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46 definitions by Gaz

An uned is short for an uneducated person. Usually somebody with no qualifications who lives in a council area, and is dependant on benefits. Most chavers are uneds, as they have no education. Uneds are often seen around streets drinking and in chaver cars.
God did you see that woman on trishia, she was an uned.

Last night an uned on wheels, beeped his horn at me, and stuck his fingers up, yelling fuck off, at the top of his voice.
by Gaz April 08, 2005
To have a wank.
Im just goin for an intimate rest clarts.
by Gaz April 22, 2004
Shortend North English vairient of th'word "the".
"Th'ospital is just down th'road"
by Gaz May 30, 2003
A girl who takes you on adventures to Gants Hill when you thought you were only going shopping.
"Hey Smiti, where are you taking me?"
by Gaz February 23, 2004
Proper good food (see nosh)
Argh that quista stopped my stomach rumbling
by Gaz December 13, 2003
Good, or impressive. General excitement.
Giis, I got new PS2 game.
by Gaz September 14, 2003
I allways thought it meant hello.
yo hows it goin?
by gaz May 13, 2003