46 definitions by Gaz

Sexually transmitted disease
shit man ive got "the clap"
by gaz July 02, 2003
A girl who takes you on adventures to Gants Hill when you thought you were only going shopping.
"Hey Smiti, where are you taking me?"
by Gaz February 23, 2004
Proper good food (see nosh)
Argh that quista stopped my stomach rumbling
by Gaz December 13, 2003
Good, or impressive. General excitement.
Giis, I got new PS2 game.
by Gaz September 14, 2003
I allways thought it meant hello.
yo hows it goin?
by gaz May 13, 2003
the equipment used by a male to impregnate a female and also to have a piss!
also known as a penis, cock, knob, willy, dick, tadger, jolly rodger, sausage, meat, beef, one eyed snake and trumpet!!!
by GAZ September 21, 2004
File Transfer server which was brought down by its own popularity and Metallica, but who cares? Metallica rock, and Napster sucked compared to Kazaa Lite.
Kid: "Napster has been shut down."
Hetfield: "Thank fuck for that!"
Kid: "You bastard! I'll never listen to Metallica again!"
Hetfield: "Yeah, that's what they all said..."
by Gaz September 16, 2003

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