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File Transfer server which was brought down by its own popularity and Metallica, but who cares? Metallica rock, and Napster sucked compared to Kazaa Lite.
Kid: "Napster has been shut down."
Hetfield: "Thank fuck for that!"
Kid: "You bastard! I'll never listen to Metallica again!"
Hetfield: "Yeah, that's what they all said..."
by Gaz September 16, 2003
some one who is born as the master.
Jake: damn right i'm wengmasterchung.
Snoop: but you's white?
jake: hell yeah, i'm white and i'm hung better than you.
Snoop: fo' shizzle, you masterful weng shames my tiny black willie.
Jake: fo' shizzle.
by Gaz May 15, 2003
a feeling of imrpisonment and with no escape.
my workplace is alcatazistic
by Gaz July 22, 2003
A black person.
Black person walks up...
Black person looks, completely perplexed.
by Gaz September 14, 2003
The sexiest thing in the world when shown over jeans or hipsters
by GaZ April 01, 2003
The thing that comes out of the stargate wen it its diales makes a woosh kind of sound.
Teal'c watch out for the event horizon
by gaz January 24, 2004
See (Gaz]
Jimmy, stick on some Prince - I feel like dry-bumming !
by Gaz December 03, 2003

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