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46 definitions by Gaz

the equipment used by a male to impregnate a female and also to have a piss!
also known as a penis, cock, knob, willy, dick, tadger, jolly rodger, sausage, meat, beef, one eyed snake and trumpet!!!
by GAZ September 21, 2004
9 12
some one who is born as the master.
Jake: damn right i'm wengmasterchung.
Snoop: but you's white?
jake: hell yeah, i'm white and i'm hung better than you.
Snoop: fo' shizzle, you masterful weng shames my tiny black willie.
Jake: fo' shizzle.
by Gaz May 15, 2003
7 12
File Transfer server which was brought down by its own popularity and Metallica, but who cares? Metallica rock, and Napster sucked compared to Kazaa Lite.
Kid: "Napster has been shut down."
Hetfield: "Thank fuck for that!"
Kid: "You bastard! I'll never listen to Metallica again!"
Hetfield: "Yeah, that's what they all said..."
by Gaz September 16, 2003
16 22
a feeling of imrpisonment and with no escape.
my workplace is alcatazistic
by Gaz July 22, 2003
3 9
A black person.
Black person walks up...
Black person looks, completely perplexed.
by Gaz September 14, 2003
0 7
The thing that comes out of the stargate wen it its diales makes a woosh kind of sound.
Teal'c watch out for the event horizon
by gaz January 24, 2004
11 21
See (Gaz]
Jimmy, stick on some Prince - I feel like dry-bumming !
by Gaz December 03, 2003
3 14