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46 definitions by Gaz

All the other people suck. It means your mother is a hooker...seriously...not hard. Thats what it means. Not stupid or an arsehole...just that yo mamma is on the game. People use it when somone is a cunt, like most swear words..but thats not what most of them mean.
"Man, apple martin, thats one fucked up name, and I heard yo mammas a right git?"
"Fucking right man, have you seen Vanilla sky?"

"You are a git, yes you, the one reading this, you may not know, but yo mamma is not where you think she is, shes in my friend's bed..."
by Gaz May 18, 2005
a bad-ass way ov sayin girl.
also gal...
hey baby gyal, cmon we gwon holla @ ya
by gaz November 18, 2003
a clumsy but
gaz your such a sexy bumbaclut!!!

ads get your hand off my crotch u bumbaclut. bitch.
by gaz January 08, 2004
Big, Hairy, Bible-Bashing band
by Gaz September 14, 2003