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A course where students slave over countless hours of work to hopefully receive a C. It is also expected that most of the students will switch into a more fulfilling major that is easier.
"My architecture class is great this week. I've gotten two hours of sleep and I almost have a C in the class.
by Abyssalknight March 21, 2007
The practice of designing buildings and environments that transforms OCD into a superpower.
Wow, ever since Daryl got into architecture, those tights n cape don't look so bad on 'im.
by beyondnothing March 27, 2011
Architecture is the study of building design, as well as the practice of designing buildings. The field of architecture does not require as much mathematical knowledge as engineering; instead, a greater emphasis is placed on creativity and artistry. The average salary for architects is within the 70-80 thousand margin, while "rookie" architects may start off making around 40 thousand. It is very possible to become very wealthy as an architect, though it is uncommon. Someone who becomes famous for their designs and is very sought after is known as a "starchitect."
Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice is an example of Byzantine architecture.
by Architecture Major October 17, 2010
A word used when referring to beautiful women. it is used to keep unknowing people from finding out exactly what you are referring to.
Dave: Hey bro check out that architecture
Garry: "looks at sexy women" Now that's some fine architecture
by EpicGoatChild December 05, 2011
Architecture is man’s desire to eventually create a giant penis that will rival god. Hell, even Zeus was able to impregnate women when he was just a beam of sunlight. For Christ’s sake, how does he do that? Seriously, WTF?!?
The Empire State Building's architecture. What did YOU think it was?
by bigzeus69 March 10, 2009
1. The overall appearance a woman's body.
2. A woman with an exellent body (ie well-built)
Homegirl's working with some serious architecture.

I'm sitting at the beach, admiring all the architecture.
by the architects September 06, 2007

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