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65 definitions by Cunty Fresh Fanatic

When anything goes over the head of white trash.
redneck: Whatcha mean I can't buy an atomic bomb, at Walmart. Sounds un-constituent-tutorial to me! You ever heard of the Second Commandment?

Walmart associate 1: We don't carry them, but I heard you can get them for dirt cheap at the local army/navy store. They'll even throw in a box of MREs.

redneck: Dank you sir. I must go git me an A-bomb.

(redneck leaves)

Walmart associate 2: That went over the mullet, good. Just like Obama's birth certificate.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 14, 2010
Any ufology oriented conspiracy theorist, that begins stalking you, when your business officially becomes a defense/intelligence contractor.

Derived from ufologist and follow.
Me: As I was saying special agent Lopez. I heard him rooting around, a little after four. He was removing the hard drives from the computer. I confronted him and he grabbed at something in his waist. I hit him with a couple bursts from my new H&K MP7, that mess is what's left of him.

special agent: Typical ufollowgist bullshit. It was a can of pepper spray, but we found rope and and rag soaked in chloroform on his person. He may have tried to kidnap you.

Me: I've been followed by a ufollowgist before, but never had this violent shit happen. I feel bad for the dumb fuck.

special agent: You still were required to protect any sensitive material, with lethal force anyway. Don't feel bad.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 08, 2010
1. The self-indulgent, materialistic moment one has alone with their ultra-luxury vehicle. Usually a Bentley, but any six figure vehicle passes. 2. Any moment that while driving your ultra-luxury vehicle, women begin stalking you with their cars.
1. "I love the buttery soft upolstery. I bet I could stick my dick between the headrest and seat, and make myself cum."

2. "Look at all these bitches following me! An absolute Bentley Moment. I bet if I hung my cock out the window, it would start a fucking cunt riot."
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 06, 2010
The clean smell of a well maintenanced vagina.
Damn Taylor Swift is cunty fresh, nothing like the boiling cauldron of vinegar Katy Perry sits on.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic October 08, 2010
To become comatosed, from excessive contact with cunt.
After I got my first ultra luxury car, it was always packed with pussy. An unrelenting sex parade, of money hungry women.

I fucked and fucked until I couldn't cum, then fucked some more. I just couldn't stop. I was out of control.

This went on for weeks. Until biology knocked me flat on my ass.

I was found naked and unconscious in my car by police. I was suffering from a severe cunt coma, and a ruptured penis. I almost died.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 05, 2010
1. The secret society of lawyers, movie critics and chiropractors that actor Randy Quaid and his plain Jane wife, allege are after them. 2. A series of Stars Wars themed Bukkake films.
1. "We are refugees in Canada... The Star Whackers want to kill us... They killed Heath Ledger and David Carradine."
-- Randy Quaid rambling to some reporter in Canada.


some perv: Star Whackers is the only porn film to truly capture George Lucas's Star Wars.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 01, 2010
The region in Northeastern Pennsylvania, where Anthracite coal was or is mined. It is west of the Poconos, east of the Susquehanna River, South of Scranton, and north of The Lehigh Valley. Hazleton and Wikes-Barre are the two center masses of population.

It suffers from mine pollution, poverty, political corruption, severe emigration push, and a virtually absent intellectual community.
If you ever move to the Anthracite Coal Region, you know you fucked up in life.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic October 26, 2010