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1. The secret society of lawyers, movie critics and chiropractors that actor Randy Quaid and his plain Jane wife, allege are after them. 2. A series of Stars Wars themed Bukkake films.
1. "We are refugees in Canada... The Star Whackers want to kill us... They killed Heath Ledger and David Carradine."
-- Randy Quaid rambling to some reporter in Canada.


some perv: Star Whackers is the only porn film to truly capture George Lucas's Star Wars.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 01, 2010
Graffiti, on the walls of a public restroom.
pooping man: Wow there sure is a lot of crapperfiti in this stall. "Hendrix is God!", "Mike is gay", "UR mom sure can fuck", and "I pissed all over the toilet paper. sucks to be you asshole". It's like they'll all speaking to me.

Why is this paper wet? It cleans better than dry paper.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic October 26, 2010
Anybody obsessed with female vaginal and vulvarian hygiene.
some bitch: He sure was keen on my kitty's cleanliness.

other bitch: Yeah. You texted me about the douching ritual.

some bitch: Yep. A povidone-iodine douche, followed by a saline solution flush, and finished with a activated carbon douche.

another bitch: Fucking cunty fresh fanatic! I like a natural scent. Wanna sit on my face?
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic October 24, 2010
A form of adult baby-talk, meaning "you are silly." Used chiefly by females and homosexual or bi-curious males.
Me: Look at my definition for Geli.

chick: (reads it) You silly. Want a Geli.

Me: Fuck no. I'm not a pervert.

chick: Want a blumpkin, that's not really perverted anymore.

Me: What the fuck, why not? Where's the bathroom?
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 07, 2010
The psycho-sexual disorder that most stepfather's suffer from to some degree. It involves a severe crush on the stepdaughter.


1. Missing or misplaced panties of the stepdaughter. 2. Stepfather staring at stepdaughter's breasts and/or buttocks. 3. The stepfather using long embraces (sometimes accompanied with an erection) as greetings and farewells, as an excuse to squish the stepdaughter's breasts into his body. 4. Expensive presents for the stepdaughter. 5. Jealous behaviour towards stepdaughter's boyfriends.
stepdaughter: Good morning dad.

stepfather: (barrels over and hugs stepdaughter) Good morning pumpkin.

stepdaughter: (Tries to squirm out of the perverts long hug.) What's wrong with you? Let go of me.

stepfather: I've been diagnosed with stepfather syndrome.

stepdaughter: Yuk!
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 07, 2010
When a woman squats over a man's face, while he performs cunnilingus and masturbates, then urinates on his face. He cums almost instantly.

Named after Angelika Maria "Geli" Raubal, the niece Adolf Hitler was rumored to have an affair with. This is rumored to be their favorite sex act.
Adolf: My sweetest Geli. Can you piss on me, as I have pissed on the Jews?

Geli: It'll cost you another Mercedes limousine, upholstered in Jew skin.

Adolf: You get my ass wet, Geli.

(freaky aryan sex ensues)
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 04, 2010
Family members, with sexual benefits. Popular in Pennsylabama and Pennsyltucky with inbreds.
mother: Hey son, wanna blowjob.

son: Cool. Family with benefits.

father: Let me git the video camera.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 20, 2010
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