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1. Honest scientific study and debate of extraterrestrial visitation to earth. 2. Any of the UFO based religions (Raëlism, Scientology, Heaven's Gate, and a cluster fuck of others) that are growing. 3. A conspiracy of profiteers, that fabricate evidence of extraterrestrial visitation of earth.
1. Most of the science based ufology groups, are honest free thinkers.

2. You thought Jesus freaks were bad, look out for ufology churches.

3. Watch out for ufology hustlers, selling far eastern shit for a 1000% profit.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 17, 2010
Mispronunciation of radial tire. Chiefly used by white trash that hustle used tires.
dirt ball: Deese here raidal tires, ought to fit your Bentley.

me: I didn't even ask you for tires. It's pronounced radial, not raidal you fucking sped.

dirt ball: You just being all uppity and think your better than me. Just 'cause you drive a Bentley.

me: Dog shit is better than you. Go kill off your inbred family with your dry rotted tires.

dirt ball: What you got about inbreeding?

me: Nigga Please?!
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 13, 2010
A phrase, meaning to obstruct the flow of money.
some bitch: You ran your mouth to your parents, and now your living in a camper. You sure know how derail the gravy train.

some dude: I don't care if they own estates in Europe, the West Indies and America. I do miss my Ferrari Enzo, though.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 11, 2010
The act of having public sex anywhere in NYC, while a crazy homeless person watches.
This New Year's Eve, I plan on having one nutty new yorker before the ball drops. I rule!
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 07, 2010
When an aeration pump, hose and stone are used to keep an gerbil or other small animal alive within the colon of a man. This increases the prostate stimulation time. Usually, battery powered bait aerator's are preferred because of compactness.
Rob: I got rats because they were cheaper than gerbils. You got the gerbil respirator.

George: I got this D cell powered bait aerator for $7.99, at Walmart.

Rob: Ah fuck, we forgot the tubes.

George: C'mon we're loose enough to go tubeless. You practically need vise grips to keep the little bastard in you long enough to cum.

Rob: Oh do you know me!

(Gay loving ensues.)
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic October 29, 2010
A style of coprophilic mutual masturbation, in which a man stimulates a woman's genitals, while she defecates. He catches the falling feces on his junk, and she uses it as lubricant to masturbate him.
man: Damn this muddy hazleton, sure is kinky.

woman: Can't do nothing about the smell.

man: No. I said 'kinky', not "stinky". Too much blood is rushing into your head.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 25, 2010
A male homosexual variant of the famed Bill Maher Head Slam. A male takes an anal suppository of muscle relaxers to help, loosen up his anal sphincter, his partner dons a nasal respirator and shoves his lubricated head into the anal canal and rectum. Once inside, the man nuzzles and orally stimulates his partner's prostate. Allegedly invented by comedian/drama queen Andy Dick, after hearing of the Bill Maher Head Slam from a male child prostitute.
The Pope doesn't consider the Andy Dick Head Slam, an impure act, because no vagina is involved. But, he added that the Bill Maher Head Slam is totally immoral.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 23, 2010

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