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1. A loser that sponges off of another more successful loser. 2. Any organization or business that is tailored to a clientele of welfare addicts.
1. A crackhead mooching money off of a welfare recipient, is a (drum roll) secondary parasite.

2. EZ Check cashes welfare checks, taking a cut, making it a (beat box roll) secondary parasite.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 07, 2010
When one performs a Melvin on a female with a yeast infection.
Cindy: I decided to give Scumbellina a Melvin. It became a Melvin with cheese, to my dismay.

Wendy: Ill. That's nasty.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 06, 2010
1. The inept white trash that join the Free Masons, thinking they'll get all kinds of special privileges. 2. Any masonic lodge comprised of mostly non-college educated dip shits.
definition 1.

dip shit 1: My monthly dues are as much as the lot rent at my trailer park. It's worth it if the brotherhood can protect my meth lab from the DEA.

dip shit 2: Why do all of the guys in city lodges call us the Secret Simpletons Society?

dip shit 1: I think that's our codename. I'll have to go Google it.

definition 2.

urban mason: God am I sick of visiting these Secret Simpletons Society lodges. They always need rides. I got my Bentley Continental detailed twice to get get their stink out of it.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic October 30, 2010
A hypothetical sex act purportedly invented by comedian/orator/cunt addict Bill Maher, in which prostaglandins (vaginal dilators) are administered to a woman, while a man wearing a nasal respirator (to allow use of mouth) shoves his head into the dilated vagina, and orally stimulates the Gräfenburg Spot (G-spot) until the woman orgasms. Comedienne/actress Sarah Silverman is allegedly the first woman to have received the first Bill Maher Head Slam, thus no prostaglandins would have been needed. No proof yet exists of it ever happening, and shouldn't be preformed without a licensed obstetrician or Bill Maher present.
conservative man: What would you like me to do honey.

liberal woman: I want a Bill Maher Head Slam. (Woman explains the sex act.)

conservative man: Aww sick! I'll just give you a rim job, I'm still a recovering homosexual. This transition is rough enough.

(Lame sex ensues. Nobody cums.)
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 11, 2010
1. Fisting one body cavity, with two hands. 2. Fisting two body cavities, with one hand each.
1. My wife love's it when I am two fisting her pussy.

2. I love two fisting my skanky neighbor, anally and vaginally. I rule!
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic October 30, 2010
see pedophile chic
dude 1: Ellen Page is so snorgtees chic. I get so hard from watching her.

dude 2: She's in her twenties.

dude 1: Twenties, ill. I'll stick to iCarly.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 06, 2010
The withdrawal of hard narcotic drugs such as opiates, alkaloids, amphetamines, et cetera. Symptoms include but are not limited to: diaphoresis, hot flashes, cold spells, vomiting, diarrhea, involuntary movements, seizures, hallucinations, physical pain and suicidal thoughts.
paramedic 1: This guy just shit all over me, when I walked up to him.

junkie: (moans) Come for me Jesus!

paramedic 2: This fucker is just dope sick! Just leave him on the curb, with the rest of the shit.

paramedic 1: "The rest of the shit.", is all over me!
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 15, 2010

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