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A beautiful girl, very "angel" like. Any man is lucky to have this girl because she has a very intelligent mind and a very pretty face. She will accomplish many great things in life. Also known as a one-of-a-kind sort of girl.

The name is derived from Greek origins, and it is pronounced ange-eh-lick-ah
Wow, that Angelika girl, is the prettiest thing I have ever seen.
by WisdomGiver February 12, 2010
Angelika is the most beautiful girl in the world; the human being that is closest to perfection. She is hard to find but when you do, you keep her forever. Physically, she is more beautiful and sexy than any model in the world. Her personality is the most genuine and kind one ever encountered. She is very desirable and her name is derived from Greek and means "angelic."
I wish my girlfriend was like Angelika.

Angelika is my life.
by inloveandoutofluck September 25, 2010

The German & Polish form of the feminine name, Angelica.
Derived from Latin angelicus meaning "angelic", ultimately related to Greek (angelos) "messenger".

Pronounced: ahn-GE-lee-kah (German), ahn-ge-LEE-kah (Polish), an-JEL-i-ka (English)

Man, Angelika is such a fox! I'd totally hit that.
by Angelika R April 05, 2008
really artsy hip movie theater in manhattan
omfg guess what i just saw at the angelika last night
by arthouse July 31, 2006
Is a pretty girl on the outside but completely opposite when it comes to everythhing else. Not very smart at simple things but she may no a few things here and there. She can also be a huge slut when she wants to be and cheats on many guys if she admits to it or not. Shoiuldn't trust much that comes out of her mouth, a practiced liar over the years.
I just seen her with a different guy yeasterday, what an angelika.

Damn you just pulled an angelika.
by Amanda Rines November 27, 2011
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