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usually done by a female to a male, where she dances provocatively, rubbing her ass on his lap and such and is usually paid to do so
on his 18th birthday he went out and got a lap dance
by dawn June 15, 2002
An erotic dance that a female performs while straddling the lap of another person(typically male).
My husband enjoys watching me give his friends lap dances.
by Belinda November 05, 2004
Paying for a piece of ass that you can't touch.
Man that lap dance made me hard and I couldn't even touch it....I've got a case of blue balls.
by Erik March 23, 2005
A seductive dance done mostly by a female either while sitting in the Male's Lap or so close that its hard to control an erection.

There are various forms of lapdance performed with more or less the same objective of teasing or exciting and/or gratifying the feeling of physical contact between the sexual organs of the bodies.

In a Lapdance, a female(generally) may rub her breasts,groin,vagina on Male's Penis,chest or even face all the while dancing seductively.

There are Strip Clubs that charge some amount for those interested in getting a Lapdance. Sometimes it goes beyond that and leads to sexual activity between the lapdancer and the customer.
"Maria did a Lapdance for me last night; I was so hard and excited that I gave her a real nice fuck"

" That country club has good Lapdance offers starting from $20, I plan to get my first lapdance this weekend there."
by Wizkidrx October 30, 2008
Business exchange whereby, for fiscal remuneration, some self-absorbed and insecure slut shakes her sweaty ass vapours in the direction of either a) horny young twat who is likely to shoot his load on the spot, or b) tragic middle aged middle management type who's only hope of getting a sniff of young pussy is at some dingy strip club.
Cheap stripper: Hey sugar, want a lap dance?

Me: No thanks, you dried up hussy. I'd rather bore holes through my knees with a rusty drill bit.
by irreverent August 04, 2006
Like "dry humping", only not for free, since it's usually not from your partner. Rubbing against one another in the genital area, usually with one's close on. Gender is regardless, but it's usually done to a male.
see also: dry hump
My partner gave me a lap dance last night, thus I didn't have to pay for it!
by Annonymous February 05, 2005
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