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something 'tainted' and no longer 'holy'! impure is commonly used in the catholic church. i really like to use it as a more general term for something that is no longer unsullied,virgin,deflowered,dirty,wrecked/destroyed; generally no longer 'pure' -something that now is no longer 'holy'...
a guy crashed into my new car, and even with body work, it is now rendered impure!!

that person soiled my new (???) even after a cleaning; it is now impure!!

after stepping in dog flops, i couldn't help feeling my new TEVA sandals were rendered impure!
by michael foolsley September 05, 2013
The derogatory term given to those of a poor bloodline.
Seamus' great-grandfather was a peasant. Therefore, Seamus is impure.
by Sir Daniel December 21, 2005