This Nigga has the wrist strength to give you a manual circumcision and has the neck mucsles to choke a small bird. proceed with caution for his wrist curls will rip your dick off with more force than a diamond tip mining drill. He will forever be a virgin because the strength of his neck will choke out a bitch like an anaconda.
" she throated me so hard i thought she was Cam"
by stephenb289 February 27, 2018
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Rah Rah Fuck. An abbreviation for a fighter pilot chant. Used to describe something that is awetome, something that is fu(ked up, or a shared experience. The full chant is classified.

- Dude, did you hear we got a raise this year?
-- RRF!
- Dude, I heard our jets are all grounded.
-- RRF!
Shared experience:
killing all the red air, drinking a jack/tasty in the debrief, then capping it off with some spearmint rhino
-- RRF!
by Warhawk480 October 23, 2011
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When seasons change and you can leave food and beverage items in your car without fear of said item going bad.
Brad - Dude, that's a frosty brew! Where's the cooler so I can get me another?

Kenny - No need for a cooler, I just keep them in the trunk of my Carigerator.
by Chimmi chamba October 31, 2013
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A McCreerian is someone who is a fan of American Idol Season 10 winner, Scotty McCreery. He is a seventeen-year-old (as of 2011) country singer who is known for his deep, abnormal voice. McCreerians are typically teenage girls, but can range from any age.
Duh, it's because she heard the voice of Scotty McCreery, so now she's a McCreerian!
by Danis2014 June 16, 2011
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When a woman has a fainting episode. Usually associated with stress or perceived drama. fainting passing out
Getting a flat tire, having no cell service, and being stuck in the 90 degree heat overwhelmed Sally's delicate constition causing her to have another drawin spell.
by HUMPDADDY June 01, 2019
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The act of receiving a blow job and taking a dump on the toilet at the same time after she/he is done and they are out of toilet paper they eat their ass to clean it.
Tommy was getting a blumpkin from his girl and he had no toilet paper so she licked his asshole clean. Tommy said dam i am lucky u tossed blumpkin you saved the day
by Hollowzero April 11, 2008
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