The delcination of something
Say NO to drugs.
by --a0a-- February 25, 2003
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Adj.: Port-maun-TONED.

Used to describe being targeted by a particularly clever insult or witticism that uses a portmanteau, or combination of two or more words, as a punchline. It can also be used sarcastically, for example after an especially weak pun.

The word is a portmanteau itself, of "portmanteau" and "owned." As a result, timely usage of the word can count as an example of itself.
"Dude, there's a poltergeist in my chicken coop!"
"Don't you mean a...poultrygiest?"
"Oh, shit, I've been portmanteauwned!"
by Lazy Shell February 01, 2013
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a great show your "not a furry" friend enjoys. its zootopia but the male and female leads are significantly better
"i love beastars! im not a furry, but legoshi's making me feel a lil something"
by mrmalfoyswifey October 11, 2021
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Eden is a really nice boy. Hes got them nice looks that make you want to stop what your doing and admire them looks. He’s a great friend although he sometimes doesn’t see it. He is the strongest person (mentally)you’ll ever meet. He is super sweet and supportive, and if you ever get a chance to be friends with him...well, your one lucky human.
Girl: Eden is so sweet

Girl2: tell me about it. He’s also a nice boy with some good looks

Both: *day dreams about him*
by Helloeveryone June 15, 2018
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a young lion, sometimes referred to as simba... do not let the literal meaning of the name fool you, he is referred to as mufassa in the sack or when he plays soccer. he is a person with no flaws that can be admired in every way possible. he often makes one's day, and why stop there?.. he even improves one's week, month, year, and life! he is known to cause severe addiction and is extremely missed when not around. he is rarely seen without his female sidekick.
I really like this one guy. To sum him up in one word, he's a Laith.
by bnwatson April 07, 2009
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Yota Clan, a group of upcoming young artist ready to become Mainstream rappers. Yota Clan.
Vroooo Yota Clan is underrated.
by YvngViral April 14, 2019
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?having a lot of moles,

?breaking out with green & black on skin from nickel jewelry,
?when you quit smoking marijuanna with your bros,

?sun burn as soon as you walk in day light,

?skin severely hurting and feeling too tight,

?blood feeling poisoned,

?skin irritated and hurting, ?
?body stiffness,

?break outs from your razor (hey you didn't know it had nickel in it for the past 10 years you have been shaving yourself (hey no wonder you never had smooth skin after each shave, had ended up with purple, blue and black where it was bleeding over again)),

?a lot of moles on your body that are pretty big and puffy and some changing , darker colors even white, changing wierd shapes

?in the moles that you cut off okay that are turning white and you think ''thank god I have been living like an albino".. praying there is no melanoma in your blood!

I was afraid of getting skin cancer so I started living albino style, sure enough my skin was super puffy from my razor, my moles changed colors and shapes and now I hope I don't have melanoma!

A girl went tanning and got skin cancer.

Just because my mole is white does not mean I have skin cancer.
by Airabeara January 31, 2011
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