Pussy Before Friends
To cancel one's planned participation in a group or social activity with friends, for the expressed purpose of getting laid.
Michael decided to PBF on us again tonight. At least he has his priorities correct.
by J8ED January 28, 2010
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The rage one feels when they they find out one of their favorite, or commonly used websites has "upgraded" itself again, which often starts out as rage, and then turns into lingering disappointment.

This rage is most often caused by the fact that the website was perfectly fine the way it was and now has been changed from the foundation up so that no one knows how to use it, or it just isn't as good as it was before. Rage also may come from the fact that a lot of the upgrades lead to websites not functioning correctly, or being really slow and annoying as hell because the creators wanted to stay hip, and ruined their website by trying too hard.
Sydney: "Jesus! I just went to myspace and they changed everything again, and now everything is stupid and crappy."

Briana: "I know, I can't even figure out how to edit my about me! I'm fricking Upraging right now!"
by JelloLove November 14, 2010
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The eventual corrected spelling of the second month of the year.
The currently accepted spelling of 'February' is a joke designed to stump and single out idiots,
as well as bringing even more shame to the month.
My birthday is in febuary"
Sounds awesome, mine is in Janruary"
That doesn't sound right"
No, it doesn't"
by Blindsnake December 04, 2015
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To turn turk is to be a twat and back stab people
Bad that lad didn't expect him to turn turk on you
by Brian Lindop April 21, 2016
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These are the names of three friends that are out of their minds
One is more insane than another
Person 1 : but purple gu-
Person 2 : shut up
Person three : *just watching*

Fbi : omg not jay, damien, ren again😨
by Caca.caca101 August 30, 2021
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