A fat pothead whos only real talent is counter-strike and smoking more weed than most people do, his talent in counter-strike is fake cause he cheats even though on lan hes still good
by ethug April 19, 2005
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A small spineless excuse of a man who wears lots of hype-beast clothing and will never touch a girl in his life. Probably nurtured by his parents for his entire life.
"I hate that Supreme wearing kid in our class. He's such a brat.
"Right? He thinks he is so cool since he wears hype beast clothing. He's such a zyphing."
by Nessa :) April 03, 2021
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zyphe is a language spoken in North India
and in the border between India and Burma
zyphe is an interesting language
by zatung April 26, 2016
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The force in which a group concentrates to achieve a unattainable task.
We'll need a lot of zyph spirit to climb this mountain
by zyphantes September 21, 2017
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