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Wasted. Completely shitfaced. High off your ass, so drunk you're sloshing down the street, or too tired to think straight. Completely and utterly feeling like you're in the shitter. Huge hangover or the after effects of getting high as hell or staying up so long you can't think straight. Any form of being completely wasted to the point where you can't function at ALL.
I stayed up for three days to cram for my SAT. I'm zorched.
by Concrete Fever September 04, 2010
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Cross-faded. Too many doobies and too many drinks. The term was originally conceived by amateur skateboarder, Andy Aced sometime in the year of 2001. The term would soon fade into archaism until it would once again resurface into popular terminology 10 years later in the depths of the Olympic National Forest.

Travis Knight, American writer and amateur skateboarder, needed to come up with an activity for the Annual Toebock Fireside Trip--a skateboarding/camping trip that started in Northern California and ended in Washington State. His early friendship with amateur skateboarder, Andy Aced, had implemented the term zorched into his vocabulary; thus, The Zorchathon was born and the term zorched found its way into the hearts of millions.
Damn, Two Hawks is really ZORCHED today. How is he even walking?
by Toebock American Folklore November 16, 2018
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The term "zorched," while commonly attributed to skate culture, was actually conceived by Robert "DJ Robo Slice" Lofberg in the summer of 2011 following a period of extreme bullying by middle schoolers. It is used to describe a feeling of extreme fatigue and resulting in emotional instability. Some artists feel that attaining a level of "zorched-ness" can help their creative process, expanding their mind in pursuit of achieving a higher level of inspiration.

Despite the insistence by a one Brendan Welsh as being the true catalyst behind the term's creation, his sad and persistent pleas to be recognized for the term have merely rendered him a "poser". He was last seen bemoaning his fall from grace while wearing salmon-colored shorts and a pink Vineyard Vines polo.
"Brah, I feel so zorched right now."
by skaterboi3 June 12, 2018
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