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Higher than high
one step beyond zooted
often acoseated wit kush or headdies
me: zoopy
you: did you jus zoppy?
me: ha
by Joeycracks September 23, 2007
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(adj) When you drink a lot of a caffeinated drink and its really late at night, it is the crazy mood/sugar-high you experience
My cousin and I were playing Scrabble and I felt Zoopy
by Lenka Tal January 29, 2012
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zoopies are created by wrapping a plastic bag tightly around the end of a stick, then lighting the plastic bag on fire. hold the stick 5+ feet above the ground, and the plastic makes a "zoop" noise as it burns away and falls to the ground. it looks and sounds pretty awesome.
"The other night at the campfire, Jimmy did zoopies! It was radical!"
by Jimmy Vallon April 21, 2008
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glum, gloomy, depressing, sad, failing, sadly soaking, anything that describes my life.
"The weather was very zoopy today, so i didnt wear my white vans" - Nitty
by leep dad May 22, 2017
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