An altogether much more fun variation of omg, simply because it has so much more feeling to it.
ZOMG that really fit guy asked me out.
You're joking?

ZOMG look at that dead cat!!!
by Kitty_1992 July 01, 2005
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A social experiment started by Matthew Milan (Rick_Feynman) and James Curbo (hannibal)in January 2003 to explore methods of speading and popularizing internet memes. It was also a mocking jab at people who practiced "leet-speak".

Originally meant to be a more intense version of 'OMG' - who knows what it means now.

Originally 'launched' in two places, the Toronto Raptors Usenet Group and the Raspberry Heaven Direct Connect hub. From there it spread into the anime fan-subbing community, the Something Awful forums and the 4-chan Image Boards.
See other posted entries.
by Rick_Feynman April 27, 2005
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1: Exagerated omg
2: Rarley, among zombie belivers; Zombies,OH MY GOD!!!
1: Zomg, mcdonalds stinks
by Person... maybe May 05, 2007
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A varioation of ZOMG just with an s added. Usually said in a sarcatic tone
Like zomgs, how amazing...
by Dibberz July 29, 2008
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A terrible acronym that no one should use.
A lazy person uses this term to express their nerdiness.
by Stupidwendee May 09, 2019
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