is an acronym for Zelda! Oh My God! It originated from the video game when Zelda would do something either of great importance or of great stupidity. It is now used in daily diction when something epic or terrible happens.
ZOMG! Chasen got kicked out of the liquor store trying to buy a 4 Loko.
by Allowicious November 30, 2010
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soo exited about something or someone and youre kind of getting your listeners attention by telling them that whatever your about to say is worth listening to
ZOMG youll never believe what happened!
by missmurder555 December 20, 2008
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originally from starcraft
when the enemy zerg would rush and swarm u with zerglings when u were still harvesting minerals
the acronym means
written in the chat as a cry for assistance
Joe:k ill send over some guys quick
by SCBWFTW May 09, 2009
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I use ZOMG in my pick-up truck.

"ZOMG" is a meaningless name likely derived from the acronym for one of the volatile organic compounds used in the fuel additive's formulation.

Add two ounces of ZOMG for every gallon of gas your vehicle holds in its tank.

Add when the gas level is a 1/4 tank or less then fill the tank full.

Drive normally and ZOMG cleans fuel injectors and assists in removing carbon deposits on valves, etc.

Use every 10,000 or so miles driven.
My truck has gone 9,344 miles since I last added ZOMG.

I will add a treatment right before I fill the tank.
by Obbop June 29, 2012
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