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The act of asking a random and inappropriate question resulting in a heinously awkward situation.
Dude, she just pulled a zimmerman on me and asked if I thought she was loose.
by cdiggity February 12, 2006
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Zimmerman (Past-tense: Zimmerman'd) - to provoke a physical altercation resulting in killing the target in self-defense; To provoke a fist-fight and shoot the opponent in self-defense;
1:"Did you hear about the shooting on Broadside & the Tollway?"
2:"Yeah, man, that guy got totally Zimmerman'd."
1:"Hey, he acted in self-defense! That other guy was a punk and hit him first."

1:"Honey, look, there's a guy in a hoodie walking down the block."
2:"Is he black?"
1:"I don't know but I'm scared, what should we do?"
2:"Where's my pistol, baby? I'm going to have to Zimmerman this one, be ready to call 911."
by Dimethyl July 08, 2013
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(verb) to stalk and terrorize an individual while carrying a loaded weapon until a confrontation ensues, shoot that person dead, then walk away claiming self-defense.
I did not like the look of that person walking through my neighborhood at night so I zimmermaned him.
by learnch April 13, 2012
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To take down a lethal threat using deadly force. Become a hero by killing a criminal
I just saved a guy, pulled a Zimmerman.

Can't simmer the zimmer.
by WittleJeffers July 31, 2013
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The act of starting a fight with a person of lower social or ethnic status and then deploying a weapon, claiming self-defense afterwards.
Can be done by any clean cut person with a minimal criminal record, provided the lesser person can be deemed a worse person.
Named after George Zimmerman, a white Hispanic/German-American and son of a judge who successfully chased and killed a black teenager coming home from the store with a bag of skittles, and was found not guilty by means of self defense because the teen fought back.
Judge's Son: Hey what are you doing on my street?! (gun in hand)
Minority: Why are you following me cracker?
Judge's Son: Watch how you talk to me or I'll pull a Zimmerman on you.
by Big Bad 509 July 15, 2013
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Basically anyone with the name or title of "zimmerman" is completely two faced. so yea
like "hey, that person is a total zimmerman after what they said about me behind my back, i thought they were my friend."
by occluded November 16, 2010
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A substance mixed with shit, piss, and other dioblikal substances, mixed into a container or bottle and who shall add on to the z sauce is automatically a good sir
The Zimmerman was zesty and fulfilled my stomach.
by Z sauce January 31, 2018
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