A bizarre characher in the 1970's britsh childrens show "The Magic Roundabout", who was half man half coiled spring and who leapt about everywhere. Widely believed to have represented a cocaine or speed dealer. (The Magic Roundabout had many drug refernces for those of you who havnt seen it)
And then zebedee appeared. "Hello Zebedee" said Florence
by slangman February 19, 2004
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The sinister mustachioed spring loaded dude from 'The Magic Roundabout'. (Friend of Florence, Dougal, Dylan, Brian, Ermatrude et all).


a) Red mustachioed head on a spring, fond of declaring 'time for bed'.

b) My neighbour. At the drop of a pin he's at his window.... In the words of my flatmate 'I swear that guy has a spring-loaded a**e'
by SomeoneLikeYou April 16, 2006
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An object of such large mass it creates such a deep impact into the space fabric that it has the possibilities of tearing through its very fabric and creating holes to other possible dimensions except the 7th and 298th dimensions which are too improbable to exist. This word should be used as a noun.
The large zebedee could not be broken down by the blackhole.

Light is so much affected by the zebedee that it will gravitate towards it and possible have its photons stuck against the surface permanently.
by Jeffrey Davidson April 4, 2005
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A colloquialism for cocaine. Used in similar context to 'yeo' or 'twat powder'.
They're probably high on Zebedee!!

Tom likes the Zebedee
by Jim Hughes May 16, 2006
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slang for really bouncy sex that makes the bed squeak
zebedee is the way to go!
by Kayyyla May 19, 2006
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i was scannin me food on the till and all of a sudden pop goes the zebedee
by jonny bravo October 9, 2003
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what i just learnt is that zebedee comes from Turkish. and it is zibidi which means a guy who is straight but wears like girls and thinks as hes really cool
-look at this zibidi (zebedee)
by Damian Smith February 14, 2007
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