Zaz is slang for anything cool. It is most commonly used for something awesome and/or cute.
person1: oh, man! Look at that zazzed up dog
person2: totally zaz.
*fist bump*
by ConfusedLittleGirl May 18, 2015
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verb. to listen to your headphones with the volume up so loud that people around you can hear your music
Will you quit zazzing me? I don't even like Sheryl Crow!
by b vicious January 7, 2010
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Usually a guy that is tall and hairry, but has a lot of fick energy. His daily routines are fucking small people both literally and methaphoricly. He loves cheese and he is always down for some chicken. The people named zaz usually come equipped with a midget and they sure like to throw him around like a ball. But the most cute thing about zaz is his dog, it is his will for everything
Small person: Oh no here comes a zaz
Girls: Omg! He's soo handsome i can't bealieve it
by The Kostur December 31, 2019
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Adjective. Describes the incredible, wonderful, indescribable state and/or feeling of ecstasy, peace, joy, love, light and life when worshipping God.
by Lexi7 May 19, 2018
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German slang word used in a racist remark meaning "shit covered monkeyboy"
sheesh i thought i could smell shit and banana's its ZaZ.
by Faker May 28, 2006
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ZAZ is another term for spraying a load. This term originates from the north eastern regional area, mainly southern Pennsylvania.
The three of us are going to ZAZ all over your face.
by ThisDude03141992 March 8, 2014
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Something that's amazing times 38!.. & a half.
Sex with Jaden Strait, or Julian Casablancas is uber ama-zaz-ing!
Dead bunnies are ama-zaz-ing!
Always use with an exclamation point!!
by captainbeasty31 January 3, 2011
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