a yummy young man with parents of mixed attractiveness
"check out zayne, his dad's a hottie... eww his mum is NOTtie!
by a sexier version of you November 23, 2009
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a pretty loud guy but a guy with a really big heart, his eyes are ice blue and he probably has blonde hair. hes short and eats a lot but despite his constant hunger he's extremely skinny. whenever he's texts you he uses a lot of exclamation marks!!!! he's also usually the sexiest guy in the room.
guy 1: isn't zayne cool?
guy 2: yeah but hes warm hearted
by old dusty cheez it May 21, 2021
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Someone retarded.
stuck up.
has all F's.
Fails all classes.
looks like a bag of ramen noodles.
fucks his own sister.
fucks his 4 year old cousin.
gets butt fucked by a whole bull.
hits on 16 year olds.
very fucking bi-polar.

and is most likely transgender.
Thanks for your time.
Zayne said, "I fucked my 4 year old cousin."
Zayne also said, " im not gay, im just not straight."
by anonymoususer415 December 27, 2019
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A description depicting something that is so glorious, so hot, so perfect that your love for and attraction to it causes you actual physical pain; but you enjoy it. In short, Zayn is the feeling of something that hurts so good.
The idea of Malik with long hair in a man-bun makes me Zayn.
by JFairy October 26, 2014
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When a friend leaves you and you don't want to believe it.
"So, are you and her still friends?"

"I don't think so. She zayned me."
by allwaswell March 27, 2015
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When you need to leave cause you're in a bad situation and you want to get out before it explodes in your face
Person 1: Where's Jim I'm so mad at him!
Person two: He probably Zayned out of here then.
Person one: Damn, I hate zayning
by themimeinthelibrary June 10, 2015
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A teenage boy with dark skin, eyes hair. He walks around looking like a bad-boy. Cigarette in hand, hair messy, tattoos, five o'clock shadow. But, when you get to meet him, he's innocent. He's sexy & shy. You'll never meet a guy like him. He's original. When he talks, you melt. When he sings, you break. When he laughs, you feel warm. He showers you with "I love you's" & "You're beautiful's". Especially to the short, blonde & blue eyed girls. Usually reffering to you as babe. If you meet a Zayn, it's okay to be nervous. They find that attractive. Zayn's love long-distance girlriends. So, when he sees you it's that much more special. Most, Zayn's love to meet their soul-mates at unusal places. Like, concerts. If you're lucky enough to do so, make sure to give him a quick pop on the lips. You won't regret it. A zayn would usually like an out-going girl, but would love to settle down with someone just as shy as him.
You: *bumps into a Zayn*
You: "I'm so sorry."
Zayn: "Well, that's quite alright, babe." "I love your eyes by the way."
by anonymous_13 December 30, 2013
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