A description depicting something that is so glorious, so hot, so perfect that your love for and attraction to it causes you actual physical pain; but you enjoy it. In short, Zayn is the feeling of something that hurts so good.
The idea of Malik with long hair in a man-bun makes me Zayn.
by JFairy October 26, 2014
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When a friend leaves you and you don't want to believe it.
"So, are you and her still friends?"

"I don't think so. She zayned me."
by allwaswell March 27, 2015
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When you need to leave cause you're in a bad situation and you want to get out before it explodes in your face
Person 1: Where's Jim I'm so mad at him!
Person two: He probably Zayned out of here then.
Person one: Damn, I hate zayning
by themimeinthelibrary June 10, 2015
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Zayn is a unbelievably attractive, sweet guy. He’s always fun to be around. His charisma will pull you in and never let you go. Don’t let your guard down, might just fall madly in love with him if you do.
“Zayn is so cute, he makes me so happy”
“Zayn and I are getting married!”
by 3str3lluhh November 5, 2021
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A teenage boy with dark skin, eyes hair. He walks around looking like a bad-boy. Cigarette in hand, hair messy, tattoos, five o'clock shadow. But, when you get to meet him, he's innocent. He's sexy & shy. You'll never meet a guy like him. He's original. When he talks, you melt. When he sings, you break. When he laughs, you feel warm. He showers you with "I love you's" & "You're beautiful's". Especially to the short, blonde & blue eyed girls. Usually reffering to you as babe. If you meet a Zayn, it's okay to be nervous. They find that attractive. Zayn's love long-distance girlriends. So, when he sees you it's that much more special. Most, Zayn's love to meet their soul-mates at unusal places. Like, concerts. If you're lucky enough to do so, make sure to give him a quick pop on the lips. You won't regret it. A zayn would usually like an out-going girl, but would love to settle down with someone just as shy as him.
You: *bumps into a Zayn*
You: "I'm so sorry."
Zayn: "Well, that's quite alright, babe." "I love your eyes by the way."
by anonymous_13 December 30, 2013
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Zayn (pronounced ZANE) is the seventh letter of many Semitic abjads, including Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew Syriac, and Arabic alphabet. The letter is called zayn and is written is several ways depending in its position in the word.

Zayn is also a masculine Arabic name which means "Beauty and Grace." Zayn refers to inner beauty not external beauty. It can be the first name for a boy or a surname. It is a very common name among people of Middle Eastern and North African descent.
Hajji Zayn al-‘Attar, was a 14th century Persian physician.

Ali ibn Husayn the fourth Shi'a Imam (659-713 AD) was nick named "Zayn al-Abidin" (Beauty of the Worshippers).
by Yasmine Zayn December 20, 2007
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