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Sorry for all of you who blindly chose the name without a knowledge of its origins especially for you zany. Zany or Zani was the name given to a broad band of characters in the 15th century italian style of theater comedia del arte. The zanies were a group of clown like or jester like people who would preform acrobatics and act as the most crazy in the group.
person one: Did you see the trick that zany just did that was amazing
Person two: Who would have thought a person would do a tripple backflip and land on a cactus
by WolfMeygn June 20, 2004

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A song by the man ESQUIVEL in the 1960s this song describes the word in a new and destictly ESQUIVEL style of music called space lounge. Literaly translated it means much of a woman which is what it is about.
MAN:Hello Muchacha
WOMAN:Oh Hello Muchacha
MAN:No no me Muchacho you Muchacha.. you know like me tarzan you jane Me muchacho you muchacha
WOMAN:Oh you muchacho me muchaca
MAN:wow too much of a woman MUCHA MUCHACHA!!!
by WolfMeygn February 28, 2004

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The Greatest show in the two universes!!
It is about a Security Guard named Stanley Tweedle who accidentally got the key to the most powerful (and most phallic) ship in the two universes. Hence he becomes the Capitan. A love slave named Zev, who used to be ugly but became pretty when she fell in a machine with a cluster lizard joins him as she is running away from the competent security guards. On the ship they meet Kai a dead warrior from an ancient race who was reanimated by the very person he meant to kill to become an assassin. They also meet a robot head named 790 who can control all machines but for some reason falls in love with the crew originally with Zev then with Kai he now hates Zev because he thinks she is trying to take Kai away from him. I think he might have fallen in love with Stanley for an episode as well but I saw that one years ago and do not remember.
If you are reading this you either love it or hate it as with most additions on this web site. In either case you probably know as much if not more than me already. The only exception is those who hate some one with Lexx as an sn. For those of you who fall under this category, I pity your ignorance.
by WolfMeygn March 21, 2004

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A Ghetto version ((of a ghetto version of Alphabet sup with only the letters "WAZ UP")of a ghetto version of Alphabet sup with only the letters "WHAT IS UP") of alphabet soup made with only the words SUP invented in the 1950s later they became adapted to expressions with the meaning "how are you doing?"
Yo Mutha Fucka Les go get some sup Im Starving
by WolfMeygn February 25, 2004

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