A very outgoing girl. A great loyal girlfriend. Has great friends who will always be there for her. Always trying to make the best out of bad situations. Has a wonderful smile. Very flirty and sometimes wild. has a great sense of humor
by Seandanielm December 24, 2017
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Very <i>cute</i>. A perfect, nice, and good looking girl.
She's so <b>zana</b>.
by trish trang January 02, 2005
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A hot and beautiful girl. Ussually with some African blood in her. Either Black, Milato, Blackanese. They have very nice boobs and ass. They hate Asians. But overall, they're sexy. (:
Asian Guy : Damn Zana is so hot.
White Guy : Dude, she hates Asians, you have no chance.
Asian Guy : D:
by StevenNguyen July 10, 2008
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Bratty, cocky, arrogant, unconsiderate, runaway, all around stupid person most likely to end up in the slammer!
'Zana why'd you runaway?'
'because nobody loves me!'
'Your parents give you a cellphone, tv, and millions of other things! & I sleep in a 5X5 inch closet with my little brother!'
by Lee-Lee Cap-Cap April 04, 2009
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