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A robotic armored suit found in many of the Mobile Suit Gundam series. The Zaku is the mass-produced workhorse of the Zeon forces. Three iterations of the Zaku unit have been produced, according to the official anime/mangas, and the most common type is the Zaku II.
The Zaku suits were produced to work against the Earth-dwelling ESDF

It appears as aroughly 300' robot, with a single cycloptic search eye. The design is fairly reminiscent of WWII Germany's soldiers. The typical soldier's Zaku is green, high ranking officers, however, have been known to have blue or light red colorations (see Char Aznable).

The Zaku is known as the Stormtrooper of the Japanese and Otaku culture, that is, it is a highly recognizable figure depicting a massive evil force. That cannot aim its' weapons accurately.
ESDF ground soldier: "What?! RUN! A massive number of Zaku!"
Zaku units: "What?! No! A Gundam!"
*Zaku units are all destroyed, creating massive collateral damage*
by Ashburnem November 20, 2003
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Mobile Suits used by Zeon forces to fight a war in a Japanese animated franchise, Mobile Suit Gundam.
"Commander, Zaku's have invaded Colony 3!"
"Damned Zaku's! Call all pilots to dock 14 and 9!"
by RUSSIANDUDE72 December 15, 2018
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if you know what a Gundam is first then you will know the zaku, it's a one eyed robot from different japanese mobile suit Gundam shows. it's made by the Zeons. Most of them are evil except for some since they are against Gundams
Look it's a Zaku run!
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by Ryancly November 11, 2019
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