A persian man that blesses people, is full of charisma, and has that natural swag
Damn, look at zagros over there, doing his thing
by kiamikhorehvaraps April 27, 2019
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Zagros is a kurdish name for men and a chain mountain going through the kurdish region of Iran and Iraq. The person with Zagros as name is really handsome and has got a huge penis.
Zagros is handsome.
by John13400 August 14, 2018
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1. Hey! look at that Zagros over there.

Oh wow. I would definitely tap.
by Zagros October 30, 2017
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the one and only zagros, only one exist in this world, and that one is living in denmark as a model. Zagros means handsome and living in denmark, he gets the girls whenever and whereever he wants
zagros is hot and makes good fm
by oneandonlyzag November 13, 2018
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Zagros is A man with A hart. He care aboute the people that he loves and stands up for them. He had the training in hos blood and he lives for Love and his sports. Zagros has dark brown hair and A skin color that reminds of golden every time he takes a step pure from the door.
The name Zagros is being defined with the words booty love hart sports
by Heddzzz December 14, 2016
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