you’re welcome is a longer and more formal use of the term “fuck off”.

not many people use the term “you’re welcome” anymore which is why most people nowadays may not know what it means, which could be the reason why you are here; many people also may want to know the real meaning of the term “fuck off” as it what most people use these days to reply to someone after saying thank you, that could also be why you’re here.

it can be used in so many ways, for example
megan: thank you!
you: you’re welcome!
by dylan obrien is hot December 12, 2021
A phrase commonly used in the Midwest part of America. Despite how ridiculous it sounds, it is easily recognizable by many Americans and is mostly used by the younger generations
Hey bob, thanks for all your help
“You’re welcome big delton!”
by Oxford professor 81 February 25, 2018
You’re Welcome!
Hym “Aww you’re welcome sweetie! I love being able to enrich the lives of others!”
by Hym Iam October 5, 2022